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Revolutionizing Your Inventory Part 3: Utilizing Inventory Software

So far, we have talked about the Top 3 Inventory Mistakes, and then, how to best use bins to store everything! Neither, however, helps very much if you are not utilizing an inventory software to keep track of everything - especially when something goes wrong or your storage changes. Here are our tips on how locate items efficiently, and avoid wasting your time correcting listings!

DON'T: Put the location of the item in your listing

It seems like a logical step to put the location in your listing. That way, when the item sells, you look

at the sale and know where to find it, right? Wrong.

While this method may be functional in some respects, it is really wasting your time and energy, and potentially creating way too much work for you later. Here's what we mean: If you did everything from Part 2 regarding bins, you have a neat storage room, with each bin full, and each item listing has the bin number locating it. But now the worst happens - your mother-in-law is coming to town, and all your inventory must be moved to the garage! Or, you have gotten more inventory and you want to rent a storage unit for bigger space. Now you have to dig through all the platforms you have items listed, find those items you have listed and update the listing with it's new location.

Do: Put the location of items in a separate software

This different approach, putting the location in your inventory software as opposed to the listing

itself, takes away the above issues. And here's how:

1. Use a key identifying factor in your item

This could consist of some key descriptor, a product number, or a UPC code. Whichever you use,

put that in your listing as well as your inventory software. This identifier is specific to that particular

item, not the location.

2. Enter the location into your software

If you do this, then anytime you location or bin changes, you can easily select items and seamlessly

change their location, without the hassle of correcting the listing.

3. Find Your Sold Items

Now, when an item sells, you can just look up the item in your software and find it wherever it is or

has been moved to!

So, spending a few extra minutes entering locations in a separate software you can save so much time and hassle correcting individual listings! You can use the inventory system of your choice, but we personally recommend our very own Binin App, which is tailored to these exact reselling processes and many more!

Happy Reselling!


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