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Revolutionizing Your Inventory Part 2: Saving Space with Bins

If you are avoiding Reselling Sally's Top 3 Inventory Mistakes, then you are already doing pretty well. But even with the most organized, functional system, there is always the problem of space. Reselling well means using your space well, and that is always going to look different because a reseller will rarely have the same items consistently in their inventory. As you may have guessed from our name, Binin, we love using bins to solve the question of space and organization, so here are our top tips on using bins to save space!

1. Use Bins

This one probably seems obvious, but we recommend using bins to organize. Some people utilize open shelves, clothing racks, or even just a closet to store their inventory in. But, the reason we recommend bins, is that you can find items quickly without sorting through lots of other stuff. The bins keep all items neatly stowed away, and if your bin has a lid, you keep your items safe and dust-free! We don't discriminate on what type of bin - boxes, cloth storage, baskets...heck, we use plastic ornament bins!

2. The Way to Label Bins

Now, if you use bins, you should of course have them labeled. But as inventory changes, and the items in your bins change, you don't want to waste time relabeling again and again from "women's shirts" to "shoes" to "decorations." Instead, we recommend labeling your bins in a numeric and/or alphabetic way. Then, in the software you use to keep track of inventory, you can enter an item's location simply by putting Bin "2A." Read our blog that goes into more detail about labeling Bins alpha/numeric!

3. Mix Up Items (don't have two of the same)

This one gets into "don't organize like with like," the reason being that it is difficult to find items when they all look the same! So, as you are filling up Bin 2A, fill it with all sorts of things! The less the items look like each other, the better. Your organization is in your software, such that when you sell the "Red Shirt, Bin 2A," there is only one red shirt in there - making it immediately findable.

4. Fill Bins to the Brim

Fill your bins all the way up before you move on to the next one. The reason for this is that if your bins hold categories of items, then when you are low in that particular area, you might have an empty bin wasting space, and an overflowing one next to it. So instead, fill up a bin all the way to the top with a variety of items, then fill the next, and so on such that you are never wasting shelf space! As stuff sells, you can replenish whatever bin has empty space!

Tried and true, we love this method of bin-organization, hence our App name Binin(ventory). That is why our app works so well for organizing with this method and others. If you are looking to revolutionize the way you organize your inventory, check out the app here to get the process started!

Happy reselling!


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