“Why shouldn’t everyone have amazing pieces in their home without spending a fortune?" 


Paperclip47 has been an idea in my head for years. My earliest memories of hunting for great buys and amazing finds include spending Saturday mornings with my Mom scouting local estate sales. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me negotiating and, most importantly, how to spot the hidden gem. This passion turned into profit in college as I started selling these items online. This eventually led me to expanding my pursuit to live, local auctions. 


The concept of Paperclip47 began when friends and family asked me to find certain items for them. I loved the shocked look on their face when I came back with designer pieces at such low prices. Why shouldn’t everyone have amazing pieces in their home without spending a fortune?  I knew then I needed to find a way to share these great deals with more people.


Design magazines talk about making small change in a room with changing throw pillows or a little paint on the walls. But what if you can transform a room by switching out major furniture pieces just as frequently? Keep the pillow, change the couch! My hope is you can find those designer, high-end pieces for less than what it would cost buying some cheap item at the store or even discount websites.


Have a special request? Simply send me an email. Otherwise, check back frequently because I’ll be adding more and more treasures each week!


Happy Shopping!


Leah Amos-Hess