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Growing Your Inventory Part 1: Your Online Garage Sale!

When you want to start reselling, the first thing you have to do is find inventory! This could look

different for different people. Perhaps you are selling your handmade items, or maybe you've already sold something like furniture online. But if you are new in the realm of reselling you are probably asking, "where do I start?" Well, look around! When you are first starting reselling, you don't want to start with buying inventory you don't know what to do with, instead, look around for the items you already have that you can sell! Now, you may be thinking, "why would anyone buy my stuff?" and the reality is, we don't know the answer either! But they do, and you can start your reselling journey by selling the things you already have.

The 4 P's of "Garage Sale" Reselling!

1. Patrol

The first step is looking around you. The limit is your imagination! Patrol around your house on the look-out for sell-able items. While most resellers think of clothes, you can sell just about anything online. Last seasons décor, the kitchen items you never use, old garage tools, toys, instruments, books, anything! Look through your house with a new pair of eyes, asking "what do I want to get rid of? What don't I use?"

2. Polish

The key to selling any used items is to clean them! Nobody wants to buy something that is in poor condition, or to receive an item that's dirty. To get the best results in your "online garage sale," dust off those old picture frames, wipe down the tools, and wash the clothing! More times than not, this little bit of extra effort will make your items shine like new again, and enable you to make the best sale.

3. Picture

Because these are your own items, you're going to have to take pictures of them to show your customers! A good picture is key to a good sale. To do this, use natural light to capture the good side of your freshly polished item. Don't have any distracting mess in the picture, but a neutral background that accentuates your great item.

4. Post

Lastly, post your items online! Whether you list on Poshmark, eBay or any other websites, just go ahead and post it and see what happens. Do not hesitate to list all sorts of items that you are planning on selling, because you never know what someone might be looking for. Do keep in mind any specific rules your website might have on shipping, and have fun as you master the process of listing, selling, and shipping!

Learning how to be a reseller can be overwhelming at first, so we recommend these "Four P's" to anyone just starting out! That way, you learn how to master the processes without undergoing the stress of buying and storing extra inventory. Plus, you get to de-junk your house and clean out that spare room for your bigger loads of inventory! When you get the hang of "Garage Reselling" come back for Part 2 on how to up your game to the next level.

Happy reselling!


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