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Benefits of Binin

What is the Binin App?

That is the most common question we get... what even is Binin? Binin is the innovative and user-friendly app that we created especially for resellers who want to streamline their inventory management. As we are resellers ourselves with almost two decades of experience, we needed an affordable program to organize our inventory. It need to be more intentional than a spreadsheet, but also more specifically tailored to reselling than some bigger programs. With Binin, we made it so that you can easily customize what you want to track, organize your inventory, and quickly manage orders from your customers. This way, whether you sell items from your living room or from your warehouse, Binin is the ultimate solution to help optimize reselling operations and boost profits.

Made by Resellers.

Binin is not just any other app, it is the ultimate solution made for resellers, by resellers. Because we have been in the reselling game for so long, we have learned what works and what doesn't in everything from buying bulk and making successful sales. When we created Binin we also immediately started using it for our own business! That is why we are confident that Binin can meet the needs of our fellow resellers.

Personal Customization

One of our personal favorite things about Binin is that it is customizable. From our experience, no two resellers are the same, which means that their organization, types of inventory, and method of operating, are all going to be different. Binin is designed such that all different types of resellers can use it to their advantage by customizing the Binin app to their needs and using it in the way that most benefits them. Whether you need to manage inventory or streamline picking item to ship, our platform can be tailored to fit all unique reseller requirements.

Organize, Locate, Sell

With Binin, you can easily organize your inventory using barcode scanning, uploading images, and using custom tags and fields. As all resellers know, it is so important to be able to locate an item quickly in order to ship to a customer. By organizing inventory, you can then go on to instantly locate an item by simply searching your Binin inventory. Combine this with the power to customize and search, whether you're a small business owner or a seasoned seller, Binin has everything needed to streamline your inventory management and increase sales.

Interested in Binin?

Visit our website at to start your 30-day free trial!

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