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A Year in the Cycle of Reselling

Just like in retail, there are seasons in reselling, the ups and downs of sales. When you

are newer to reselling, lulls in your sales can be frustrating. But when you start to learn the year cycle of reselling, you get to know the inevitable ups and downs, and when to expect large quantities of sales and lax sales. The one rule of thumb: Holidays and pre-season prep are going to be your biggest sale areas, and areas outside of that will be less successful. So, without further ado, here is our breakdown of the seasons of reselling -- we hope you find it helpful!


August - November

As you near the end of the summer, sales usually start to pick up. People have the holiday seasons of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more to shop for. As many people shop early for these, sales are bound to pick up, and carry through the fall season. Alongside looking for décor and themed items, people are often also looking for cold-weather clothing and gifts.


December - January

While shopping for the Christmas season also takes place in the prior months, Christmas carries the sales through December. People are looking for all sorts of gifts. And after Christmas takes place? Everyone wants to spend their Christmas money and treat themselves in the New Year, buying their own gifts!

Winter Lull


February is with no doubt one of the worst month for reselling. Grant it, there is Valentine's day to shop for, which might help. But all in all, the December/January gift spree has bid farewell, and credit card payments are knocking at the door. This means that sales will ultimately be down, but hopefully some people will start shopping for the summer season early!

Summer Anticipation

March - April

In this time, sales usually pick up slightly. People have a few spring holidays to celebrate, and a whole summer to prep for. This means summer apparel, pool and beach items, and fun décor. This makes it a fun time of anticipation, but don't expect a huge boom in sales.

Slow Summer and Back to School

May - July

Oftentimes the summer slows down in its main months. This is because people have pretty much already purchased the items they want for the summer, and are no longer in need of a new wardrobe or new pool toys. It's also a busy time of year away from shopping - vacation, kids home from school, and outside fund. That being said, if you resell any sort of back to school supplies, you can expect a little bit of pick up around July as folks prepare for the school season.

Here is our month-to-month cheat sheet from a scale of 😖 to 😁

[ 😖😐😊😁 ]

• January 😁

• February 😖

• March 😊

• April 😊

• May 😖

• June😐

• July 😐

• August 😊

• September 😊

• November 😁

• December 😁

Happy reselling!

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